Funen’s black squirrel

I went out today to refresh my memory on bird calls and songs but was treated to somthing quite different! As I stood listening for bird calls near a hedge at the edge of the forest out of no where a small black squirrel popped out and sprung across the path into the woods.

Among the trees it was difficult to get a good photo of the black squirrel (sort egern)

The black squirrel is native to the island of Funen but red squirrels live here also. There is concern that the black squirrel is hybridizing with the more abundant red squirrel and eventually the true black squirrels will disappear. A project has recently started to capture a population of black squirrels and release them on an island south of Funen (called Langeland) where there is currently no squirrels. For more info see here. I did manage to get two videos of the elusive black furry animal which I’ve uploaded here.

Black squirrel retreats to the safety of the trees.


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