Eggs with breakfast!

This morning after breakfast, while the garden was quiet we took the opportunity to have a little look in our home-made nest box (redekasse). For the past few days, when I’ve had a little look in the box in the evenings a bird (great tit – musvit) has been sitting tight. Usually when you approach a nest box, a bird in a box will come out or “be flushed” but this female didn’t budge. She simply looked up at me, and remained calm. This usually means they are sitting on eggs, but I thought it was a bit soon for this, as they were still building the nest. This morning I understood why! They have finished building their nest and are now laying eggs. The eggs are very small, about the size of the finger nail on your thumb. It’s very exciting! I wonder how many she will lay? How many will grow up to be chicks? How many will survive their first year? I will keep you posted!

Great tit nest with two eggs


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