Spring seed sowing!

It’s funny the way things happen. Usually I’m busy when my other half is not, or vice versa. But today we found ourselves at home with some free time. This usually means we get started on a project. Today we turned our attention to the garden for a few hours.

Mending a bird bath

Our reuse-recycle theme is still going strong. After reading a little more about how to have a fuglevenlig (bird friendly) garden, I decided we needed a bird bath. We had a look in our local recycling area and found a large broken plate. Bingo – a bit of repair work and we will have a bird bath (fingers crossed!).

Increasing garden space with hanging baskets

I have to say, I’m not the creative one in the relationship, or the handy person either! Last week Rasmus came up with the idea of making a hanging garden to increase the growing space in our garden. We replanted some parsley in the top and planted rocket and some edible flowers in the lower tiers. The baskets are carefully suspended from the top of a wall that divides our garden from our neighbours. Quiet an ingenious design, I think! If you look carefully on the brick wall you may be able to see the hemp string that makes up a spider web design. This is in preparation for some peas which we have planted along the bottom of the wall. Climbing plants are ideal in our small garden as they maximise ground space and grow up!

Hanging bike tyre baskets - maybe they will work!

Hanging baskets have been done before, but hanging bike tyres, maybe not! We decided we would give it a go and planted some water cress (karse) as an experiment!

Tomatoes growing indoors

This is a project we started last week. We sowed some tomato, strawberry and sunflower seeds indoors in preparation for being planted outdoors. The tomatoes and sunflowers sprung up in no time at all, but nothing has happened with the strawberries as of yet. Today we planted the young sunflowers outside. Hopefully the shock of going from warm apartment to cooler garden won’t do them any harm. I’m hoping for some tall happy flowers this year!

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