Eight Eggs Today!

This evening I took a quick peak into our little nest box. Things are progressing very nicely with a total of 8 eggs in the beautifully coloured nest. Small passerines usually lay one egg per day, until finished (usually 10-12 for great tits). After the female has finished laying all the eggs she will incubate them. This takes approximately 10-15 days (if I remember correctly from last year!). This week we were a little concerned as we spotted a pair of blue tits entering the box on a few occasions. Unfortunately the surrounding woodland is mostly immature (around 30 years old at my guess) so there is limited cavities (holes) in old trees for small passerines to nest in. Thankfully the great tit pair were back very shortly to get rid of the unwanted guests and all seems to be going well in the nest! I will keep you posted!

Colourful great tit nest with 8 eggs (musvit)


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