Growing big and strong

I had hoped to take a picture of our new garden residents (blue tits) every day and post it to my blog, but as simple as it sounded, things seemed to get in the way. During the incubation phase, there were few changes in the photographs. Mother bird sitting on eggs, day after day. But she got used to me looking in and quickly taking a photo. Then finally one day, after about 12 days of sitting I heard the tiny peep peep calls of very small chicks. I waited until the parents were off gathering food and carefully opened the box to see the small naked vulnerable chicks. I managed to quickly grab a picture before the dutiful folks returned. Image

After this photo we were off on a small holiday to visit family in Jutland and returned to find big strong chicks, which will (fingers crossed) soon be leaving us and flying out into the big world. I can’t believe how much they have grown and developed in such a short time. They are noisy too, when ever mum and dad come to feed them, they can be clearly heard throughout our small apartment. Summer is a wonderful time!


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