Surviving “The Field”

I want to share with you (who ever you are!) the things that have helped me survive my past few days in “The Field”. I owe them my health and sanity! For anyone who missed my last post, I have escaped the office and have been let out into the woods to play, collecting data on small mammals (mice!)!


Wonderful hand cream – especially amazing when it’s very cold outside!


Coffee, tea, cuppa soup, anything warm makes my day seem shorter and brighter!


Wellies – Ok mine aren’t as colorful as these beauties, but they keep my feet warm and dry AND I don’t have to worry about laces!!!


My small field notebook (looks like this one!) It may seem simple, but it saves the hassle of large data sheets and easily fits in my pocket!


No, I don’t have one of these in my pocket, but “The Field” is close to an airport and I enjoy watching the planes swoop down over me and my mice every now and then!

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