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Lost in the Leaves

Odense is a leafy place, as is most of Denmark. I don’t envy the street cleaners or avid tidy gardeners, of which there are many around here. Thankfully I love leaves, and at this time of year they come crashing down to earth, within my reach, in a symphony of colour. Nature gives us the gift of a burnt orange and red crinkly carpet. I really can’t stop looking at it and I feel guilty walking on it. At the moment it is almost dangerous. I walk around with my head down and every single leaf catches my attention. The colour, the patterns – all so beautiful and unique. Each leaf is a piece of artwork, one with I plan to dedicate my next few blogs to exploring. Each tree species seems to have it’s own way of loosing green and changing colour. It really fascinates me. Why and how? I will start today with a few of last years pictures, taken within a stones throw from my house. It’s a little windy and wet to venture outside with my camera today (typical autumn weather) so I will reminisce with my hard drive and the wonderful autumn colours until the weather breaks.

A “poplar” pattern – but I did arrange the leaves.

The old Ginkgo on the grass – one of my favourite trees in Odense

Letting go of green – beech and sycamore

Red veined

What colours are on your walls?

Up close – cell by cell

Walking on autumns carpet

Leave me here to sit and watch